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Bravo Arts, incorporated in 2017, is a Sharon, MA based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting performing arts in the Greater Boston Metropolitan area. The organization provides a comprehensive platform for talented and budding artists in the community to showcase their artistic talent.


Founded by a group of highly enthusiastic individuals with long personal history in performing arts, the organization has produced several critically acclaimed theatrical plays starting with Kissa Angoothi Ka in 2016, followed by Shatranj Ke Mohre in 2017 and Makhee Choos in 2018. The plays were directed by Ms. Jayashree Shahane. Thanks to an overwhelmingly positive reception at the box office, Makhee Choos  traveled on a roadshow for a repeat production of the play in New Jersey, in the summer of 2018. Bravo Arts also hosted the play Rakt Phera, directed by renowned play director Mahesh Datani and produced by ICS Theatre, New Jersey.


After successfully launching several theatrical plays, Bravo Arts ventured into the world of Bollywood concerts in 2019 by organizing its flagship musical show, aptly titled Gaata Rahe Mera Dil and was performed by highly talented stage singers and live band musicians from the Greater Boston area. The show was oversubscribed and was a big box office hit. 


To entertain the community during Covid lockdown, Bravo Arts organized two live streaming productions. The first one was a theatrical play - The Seduction, directed by Burkha Kishnani of ICS Theatre Group, New Jersey. It was soon followed by another successful production of Gaata Rahe Mera Dil  (streaming) in June 2020. To brighten up the mood of its supporters, during Covid, Bravo Arts also produced a creative light-hearted video production named Cook Karo Na.


Bravo Arts plans to bring several theatrical plays and musical events in the future, with an intent to serve the Greater Boston Metropolitan community with highly entertaining productions. 


If you are interested in organizing, performing, sponsoring or volunteering in an upcoming future event, write to


Bravo Arts, Inc was incorporated in 2017 as a Massachusetts Corporation and was granted 501(c)(3) status by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service in March 2018

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