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Gaata Rahe Mera Dil 2023

A live Bollywood music show

This will be the 3rd edition of this production from Bravo Arts with local artists from the greater Boston area performing popular Bollywood songs from different areas. The performance includes a live seven piece band with some of the best instrumentalists from New England. 


This show is guaranteed to be memorable and will keep you humming along with the singers throughout the evening

Our Story

In 2019, Bravo Arts created it’s live music franchise, Gata Rahe Mera Dil to entertain Bollywood music lovers. Our first show, in March 2019, was a tremendous success and that led to GRMD 2021 (online, during the pandemic) and now GRMD 2023. 


Our focus has been to promote highly accomplished local singers and musicians to demonstrate their incredible talent to entertain New England audiences. We want our audiences to experience nostalgia for the music they love and also enjoy the latest hit songs and hence includes music from all eras!   Hope to see you soon at our show.

Meet The Participants


Chair/Co-Chair:  Rajit Kamal /Balu Angaian
Creative Team Lead: Div Prakash
Venue Lead: Rajit Kamal
Marketing Leads: Seema Dixit, Varinder Gupta & Tejashri
Website Lead: Ajay Lodha
Ticketing Leads: Tulika Mishra / Girish Badgi
Sound Team Leads: Deepak Shahane/Sandeep Bhatia 
Stage Setup Leads: Umesh Bhasin /Girish Badgi / Ramani Sakamuri 
Catering Leads: Ujwala Bhalekar / Bindu Wadhwa / Jayashree Shahane  
Day of Event Leads: Balu Angaian / Rajit Kamal
Budget Management Team: Shahane/Wadhwa  
MCs Team/Host: Rajit/Tejashri

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