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Bravo Arts is a local production house from Sharon, MA that produces plays locally and also hosts other productions from out of state to bring engaging plays to the greater Boston region. We will be hosting two amazing plays from ICS Theater in the spring of 2023 written by acclaimed playwrights A.R. Gurney and Girish Karnad.

Meet the Cast &Team of Bhikre Bimb

Meet the Cast & Team Of Love Letters

Bravo Arts Team

Chair/Co-Chair:  Ajay Lodha /Varinder Gupta 

Creative Team Lead: Jayashree Shahane

Venue Lead: Jayashree Shahane

Marketing Leads: Seema Dixit, Varinder Gupta & Tejashri

Website Lead: Ajay Lodha

Ticketing Leads: Tulika Mishra / Girish Badgi

Sound Team Leads: Deepak Shahane/Sandeep Bhatia 

Stage Setup Leads: Umesh Bhasin /Girish Badgi / Ramani Sakamuri 

Catering Leads: Ujwala Bhalekar / Bindu Wadhwa / Jayashree Shahane  

Day of Event Leads: Ajay Lodha / Jayashree Shahane / Varinder Gupta

Budget Management Team: Shahane/Wadhwa  

MCs Team/Host: Jayashree Shahane

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